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If you have been looking for at least once in your life for the best pair of eyeglasses then you must certainly know that eyeglasses size is one of the most important things to consider in eye wear shopping. According to all eye wear designers, the size and shape of the eyeglass frame must be in contrast with the shape of the face. Here is all you need to know about face shapes and what types of glasses are suitable for each of them.

Individuals with a round face will want to make their face look thinner and longer and that is why they would look better if wearing eyeglasses with angular and narrow frames. They help in making the face appear longer. Also, wider frames which have a rectangular shape are more suitable for people with rounded faces. On the other hand, oblong faces appear shorter and more balanced in eyeglasses with rather deeper than wider frames or frames which have decorative or contrasting temples. They have the effect of adding width to the face.

Individuals with oval faces are widely considered the luckiest persons that have the greatest chances to find the perfect pair of glasses in a short time. Oval faces are also the ones that are most balanced and this is why oval is considered the ideal shape when it comes to face shapes. These people should be looking for eyeglasses with wide frames or walnut-shaped frames, which not too deep or too narrow, whatsoever.

Frames that are heavily accented with colors or details are great for persons with faces shaped as a base-down triangle. These people will want to emphasize the narrow upper third of the face and these frames or the cat-eye style eyeglasses are perfect for them. Rimless frames, on the other hand, are strongly recommended for individuals base-up triangle shaped faces. In case they are not fans of the rimless eyeglasses, they should at least look for eyeglasses with frames made of very light materials and colors.

Diamond-shaped faces can be balanced proportionality with the help of the eyeglasses with distinctive brow lines frames, rimless frames or even cat-eye shapes. They will result in highlighting the eyes and soften the cheekbones. A square face looks the best in narrow frames which are more wide than deep. They make the face appear more balanced by making the face look longer and softening the angles.
The great advantage of being able to purchase online is the large eyeglass frame size chart which is available on most of the websites on which eyeglasses are sold. The large eyeglass frame size chart is helpful for those who are willing to purchase a specific model of eyeglasses but do not know what size fits them best.

To conclude, eyeglasses size is by far one of the most important eyeglass aspects especially when it comes to the way a pair of eyeglasses changes one’s look.

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